Why isn’t stress management taught in schools? Shouldn’t students’ mental health be as important in school? I know many teachers would say that they care about our well being, but do they really? School has become a ball of stress for many kids – not knowing if they will get a good grade on an assignment or if they will pass a test. However, the school system does not help us get through the stress they put on us. I know we need to learn reading, writing, math and science. Are those more important than our well being? In school we should have an hour in the day when we can learn time management and stress management.

Teaching time and stress management would help students in the future to know how to handle a stressful situation at work and in their everyday lives.

Stress can cause not only mental problems, but physical problems too. People with high levels of stress can get headaches, stomach problems, back problems, high blood pressure, shortness of breath and frequent sickness. Not only can they develop these problems, but stress can lead to a physical or mental breakdown. This can lead to suicide, homicide, heart attacks and strokes. All of this could be helped if we took an hour out of our day to teach time management and how to help with stress. 

There are other things a school can do in relation to the teaching of time management and stress management. A school can keep physical activity throughout the day. Physical activity has been proven to lower stress. However, in the middle school and high school years, physical activity is completely taken away from us unless we take a gym class.

Also, schools could acknowledge the students’ efforts. They could give a grade based on participation, which causes kids to take risks and have more fun with the project. Schools could also make a more friendly environment. It has been proven that when a student feels like they can talk to someone and feel safe, their stress is reduced.

Also, if a student is able to listen to music and laugh it can help reduce stress. Most classrooms are a very serious environment which can cause stress. Another way to help students is to allow them to take breaks regularly or talk to a friend. Many schools do have passing periods, but they are too short for a nice break. Also, during those passing periods we can’t talk to our friends because we have to get to our next class, so this is not helping with the stress in schools.

It has been proven that more than 65% of students feel stress. Most students don’t talk about it but instead just try to deal with it, which is not good for their health. Stress could be helped in school if we could just take one hour out of our day to teach and learn time and stress management.

Kara Wessel is a student at Lansing Middle School.