Media just hates President Trump

Democrat Joe Biden says, if elected president, he wants to "change things" in Washington, D.C. Curious comment from a guy who has been a political fixture in and around D.C. for almost 50 years. Maybe he could tell us of some things that changed during his almost half a century in politics?

At his first TV debate with fellow Democrats, more than once, Mr. Biden timidly said "time's up" during his replies to questions. As though, he was at a loss for words or could not further explain his position on topics. Brings to mind the late George H.W. Bush when the TV camera caught him looking at his watch during a presidential debate with Bill Clinton.

Meanwhile, a recent Washington Post / ABC News poll says that President Trump's approval rating is at the highest since he was elected. While still below 50%, that is a minor miracle considering how so many left-of-center news media sources have lashed out at him, almost daily, since election night in 2016. Imagine Trump's approval rating with some positive press, instead of negative.

Yes, President Trump is not perfect. Who is? During my entire life, now into six decades, I've never been witness to such disrespect and hatred toward any man that occupied the White House, no matter the political party to which he belonged.

Jim Clements, Topeka