President needs to be accountable

I have heard deeply concerning comments regarding the rhetoric that is coming out of our nation’s capital and how it is affecting our children and grandchildren. I am a lifelong educator/administrator, now retired, who tried to set high standards and exhibit values in dealing with my students and staff members. Frequently I had to deal with issues of name calling, bullying, lying and disregard of rules (laws). When that happened, it was up to me to mete out consequences to the students that included loss of privileges, after-school detentions, and in-school or out-of-school suspensions.

As we observe our president on a daily basis, we see him exhibiting these same traits — name calling, bullying, lying and disregard of the law (rules). There is no doubt that were he in my classroom, he would be moving down the list of consequences quite rapidly perhaps even towards long-term expulsion. So, who is his “principal”? Who is meting out the consequences for his actions? Should it not be our representatives and senators?

Some of you, no doubt, support his name calling, his bullying, his lying, his disregard for rules and his supporters cheering “Send her back,” but I hope you will remember all the impressionable young people, children and grandchildren, who are watching and wondering, "Is this what Americans do?"

It is time each of us becomes his “principal” and holds him accountable for these actions that are not part of our value system, that do not unite us, and definitely do not make our country great.

Delon Martens, Haven