Here is a sampling of social media comments about stories from across the state:

Salina Journal Facebook: Editorial: Impeachment inquiry must be thorough, fair

Cristie Mulder: Keep on trumping Mr. President. Trump 2020

Niko Stavro: Trumping - verb, present tense - Promoting a culture of proud ignorance and open bigotry which rewards the most detestable characteristics a human being can possess.

Loren Fisher: Obama was the most corrupt President ever...he just never has been caught...yet.

Susan Harvey Hammond: Supporters of djt screamed for 8 years about how Barack Obama was mistreating the Constitution. So, would they even recognize what's going on now? Probably not.


Topeka Capital-Journal Facebook: Kansas congressional leaders point to "left-wing witch hunt"

Kelly Briones: It's beyond time for the rats to abandon this sinking criminal ship. Their continued efforts to circle the wagons and protect the most corrupt admin in history will be remembered, and harshly.

Michael Zimmerman: The DemocRATS are using Impeachment to affect the 2020 Election! The DemocRATS are using a Blatant Political Tool to affect our next Election!

Jorge Rocha: Where is the witch hunt in " I want us to do us a favor. give us some dirt on Biden" That is abuse of power which is anti constitutional, which in a few words is like receiving something of value from a foreign country. So stop trying to pretend that Trump did nothing !!!

Mark Smith: yes, I’m sure you are correct. In America’s 243 year history no president has ever asked a foreign leader to check up on a guy for him... yeah right. By the way, ever hear of the Steele dossier?


Hutchinson News Facebook: Local DCF office on the move

Julie Fisk: Hey, what a better way to spend our tax dollars!!! Instead of using that money for better things like housing, rehab programs, work retraining, etc. We and I do mean WE are going to pay for a brand new freaking building!!! Sweet! NO, no its NOT!!!

Jill Nolde: Come on Hutch? Take a empty building and there is lot of them here fix up. Like K-Mart, Target, not build a new one. Remember tax payer money.


State fair attendance up

Jaris Regier: The vendors I talked to said the sales were great. Almost all the ATVs were sold out within the first couple of days. All I heard from the various vendors were that the sales were great and definitely up from last year

Corey Snow: When the economy is doing well people spend. Its common sense. Yet some are denying that the economy is doing well. They believe whatever they hear on the "news" not knowing that it is a narrative being pushed. Unable to think and verify what is being pushed verbatim on almost all channels is problematic for our country as a whole. The ones telling false information hate America and #WeThePeople