Apologies needed

I feel that our GOP legislators in Washington need to apologize:

(1) To America, because they’ve stood silent for three years while the president has said and done 1,000s of things to hurt people and divide the nation.

(2) To the friends, families and loved ones of those needlessly slain by idiots wielding military-style assault weapons with mega-killing capacity — for kowtowing every time the NRA burps and sends them to their knees.

(3) To all the less fair-skinned peoples for ignoring our leader’s continual demeaning and insulting of them — thinking that God made a mistake not making everyone white, just like him.

(4) To Mother Nature for permitting Trump to sadly increase the amount of ills and damage afflicted on her in the name of profits and greed by mega corporate donors.

(5) To our forefathers for ignoring Trump’s abusing and circumventing the constitutional principles that have guided our nation for over 240 years.

(6) To the law-abiding citizens who pay their taxes only to see them wasted on frivolous things like dumb border walls that serve no purpose other than to satisfy some cheap campaign chant.

(7) To the millions of Americans who have fought and died to protect America from tyrants, dictators, ultra-nationalists and egomaniacs who put their own egos and personal gains above the needs of the people.

(8) And to the citizens who voted for them, expecting them to put the nation first, above blind personal and political partisan loyalties.

Matt Turner, Hays