Here is a sampling of social media comments about stories from across the state:

Hays Daily News Facebook: Chicago flights ending; Denver seats added

Walter Hill: The experience when there were just sw flights only through Denver, were very difficult connections to east coast markets, often adding 1 to 2 days to the trip. Hope that has changed.

Mary Ann Gebert: I would like to see flights from Hays to Wichita, KS.

Carmen Bray-George: Salina got the direct flight to Chicago, so you could fly from there instead of KC.


Hutchinson News Facebook: More than 2 dozen residents report graffiti damage

Sonja Kay Wooldridge: Disgusting that this blatant damage to property would be done! I hope the guilty persons are caught & penalized to the fullest extent!

Lori Givens: I hope when they catch them make them do all the clean up of properties they hit, put their butts on community service make an example out of them!! Maybe have to their parents pay for their deeds!


Salina Journal Facebook: Salina City Commission keeps pit bull ban in place

Crickett Hoffman: The dogs are nice. At one time they were the nanny dog. Then some low life humans screwed them up. Ban the humans.

Niko Stavro: What a senseless regulation that doesn't make anyone safer, but only limits the number of hardworking people who would otherwise call Salina home, pay taxes, and contribute to the local economy.

Tee Kimbrough: You think that the breed ban doesn't work then compare dog bite stats from a similar sized cities that don't have breed bans. I'm afraid that you won't like the results.

Becky Groft Topliff: What a shame.


Topeka Capital-Journal Facebook: Kelly appoints Wilson to Kansas Supreme Court; Wagle objects

Richard Price: She will do a great job, as she had done in other courts.

Dave Anderson: Republicans need to listen to their constituents. If they would've listened they'd never had put kobac up, and red would have taken the governor's seat!! Kansans for common sense, rather than red red red!

Lynn Dixon Grant: Susan, who will not be US Senator, being Susan.

Rachael Roth: Sit down Susan

Angelia Crawford: funny how when you change the rules so your party will benefit, you also end up benefiting the other party as well.


City pays businessman $20K in water damage settlement

Colón-Barnes Tish: And then they wonder why good people leave our Community! The City of Topeka failed miserably!! Chris Schultz you keep your head high!!!

Kathie Wallentine: At least something! I have been do disgusted over this!!!!

Kim Schultz: Not Yay!!! They owed us over $400,000 with repairs, 4 years of clean up and lost revenue.Just to repair the actual damage they caused, per their estimate is closer to $80,000. So we lost! We lost BIG TIME!!