PHS defeats Lyons 49-13 on Homecoming

If it was a prizefight, they'd have called it off early. In fact, by the middle of the first quarter, Lyons looked as though they were ready to throw in the towel. But it doesn't work that way in football. You have to play four quarters.

When the final horn mercifully sounded somewhat later, Pratt High had demolished the Lions 49-13 on what was Homecoming night for the Greenbacks.

If someone wrote up a set of directions for the first half, it would go something like this: 1. Lions run three plays. 2. Lions punt or get picked off. 3. PHS runs a few plays and scores a touchdown. 4. PHS kicks off. 5. Repeat 7 times.

Pratt's defensive front seven kept Lyons from getting into any kind of rhythm offensively. Lyons runs the spread, but their QB was only able to get off short passes. If the Lions tried anything downfield, their QB found himself running for his life as Frog defenders came pouring through.

Ballcarriers were stopped after only short gains, and the PHS secondary was in ball-hawking mode, picking off 3 passes.

Meanwhile, Pratt's offense was very efficient, never needing to stay on the field very long in order to put up a score.

Fullback Travis Theis has been (deservedly) getting most of the publicity this season, but in this game the Greenbacks offense was able to show that they aren't just a one-trick pony. Theis had 3 touchdowns, to be sure, but so did Kadence Riner. And QB Landen Studer had one on the ground as well.

Wingback Caden Blankenship had a couple of long plays that put PHS in position to score. Derek Roadhouse got some snaps in the backfield and made some nice plays with the ball, also. The Greenbacks have almost an embarrassment of riches when it comes to offensive firepower.

The score was 49-0 at halftime. Theis had a 2 yd TD, Riner had a 15 yarder and a 45 yarder in the first period. In Q2, it was Theis from 15 yards, Studer from 4, Theis from 50 and Riner from 15 as time expired.

Lyons drives were thwarted in the first half on interceptions by Brett Winsor and Kaden Evert (twice.)

The PHS JV played the entire second half with the clock running. It was good to be able to get the JVs some snaps as their Monday game with Lyons has been cancelled, presumably due to lack of numbers on the Lions roster.

Lions scored on pass plays a couple of times in the second half to improve the score cosmetically, but Pratt won comfortably 49-13.

“We played a good first half,” head coach Jamie Cruce said. “I was proud of our overall effort. Our defense played hard.”

The Frogs travel to Hoisington next Friday.