Pratt High wrestling won the Clearwater tournament Saturday with Devon Weber, Kadence Riner and Jadon Koehler each winning individual championships.

The PHS Greenback Wrestling Squad went into the Clearwater tournament with the goal of winning their first marker tournament, and they did it, defeating a tough group of 4A schools, including the #5 in 4A, El Dorado. The importance of the Clearwater tournament is that it gives the Greenbacks an idea of what they have to do in order to further prepare themselves, in the next five weeks, for an optimal performance at Regionals.

 106 lb. fr., Devon Weber, looked strong all day, starting with a close 5-4 victory over Kael Lane of Ottawa, 5-4.  He followed that up with a solid 5-3 victory over the #5 in 4A, Chadwick Stahl of Mulvane.  In the finals match, Devon won in decisive fashion, 11-5.  This was Devon’s first championship of the year and his best performance thus far!  He is looking forward to the challenge of the two-day tournament in Hays this Saturday.   Devon is 16-9 on the year, 1st place.  

120 lb. fr., Zach Lamatsch, did not have a win on the day, but stepped up for the third time to take on a varsity tournament this year.  He is learning a lot and making good preparations for the future, which is how we are able to reload after graduating wrestlers.

 126 lb. so., Camdon Nickelson, had a solid day, winning two matches for maximum bonus points by fall over Jack Pawloski of Clearwater and Peyton Besco of Rose Hill.  Camdon also lost by fall to the #2 in 4A Payton Sadowski of El Dorado and to Jacob Bush of Mulvane. Camdon is staying tough mentally and making progress each week. Camdon was 2-2, 5th place.

 132 lb. jr., Cody James, made some improvements on the day, as he won his way into the consolation finals, winning by fall over Clayton Patterson of Clearwater.  In the consolation final, Cody met up with James Lingenfelter of Independence for the second time on the day, losing by a 5-1 decision the first time and having a chance to win in a 3-2 loss, which says a lot about Cody’s coachability.  Cody placed 4th on the day, earning 11 team points.

 138 lb. fr., Hogan Thompson, stepped in again on varsity and did some good things for us out there. He did lose one match where he was up 5 points, but he learned from that and moved on, winning in his fourth place match, 10-5 to end his day in 4th place, earning 7 team points.

 145 lb. jr., Kadence Riner, began his day with a fall over Pywell of Smoky Valley.  This set up a semifinal matchup with the 17-7 Ben Black of Rose Hill.  Kadence handled him with a 2nd period pin.  In the final, Kadence pushed to get a major decision to add one additional team bonus point with a 11-3 decision over the 8-2 wrestler from Chaparral, Haldo Escobar to win the championship and end a stellar day on the mat.  Going for the extra bonus point by moving the win from a 6 point to an 8-point win, shows good leadership and an unselfish team mentality as it is easier to just sit on the comfortable win, but Kadence went for more to add to the total team score.  Kadence is 21-2 on the year, 1st place.  152 lb. so., Derek Roadhouse, looked strong on the day, earning 7 team points with two wins by fall on the day over RJ Stimson of Clearwater and Brady Weber of Smoky Valley.  Derek also lost by fall to Ryan Bruce of independence and the #4 in 4A Jared Parenti of Ottawa. Derek has a few adjustments to make, but he is contributing greatly to team points by winning by fall every time he has an opportunity.

160 lb. jr., Jadon Koehler, began the day with a 6-0 decision over Young of Mulvane.  Jadon followed that up with a major decision semifinal win over the 22-6 Dax Hopp of Smoky Valley by a 10-0 major decision.  In the final, Jadon scored in the waning moments to solidify a 4-3 victory over the 19-3 David Leck of Rose Hill to win the championship.  Jadon was in control of the outcome the whole match and he set up and went after the win in a victory that shows his mat maturity.  Jadon has beaten several very talented wrestlers this year and in the semifinal, instead of sitting on a lead, Jadon went for the major decision in order to get the Greenbacks one more team point!  Jadon is 18-6 on the year, 1st place.  

170 lb. jr., Caden Blankenship, returned to the mat after sitting out for about three weeks and started the day looking rusty, losing a match he usually would dominate, 4-2 to Tucker Mace of Ottawa.  Caden followed that loss up with three consecutive wins over Diaz of Rose Hill, 5-2, Huckaby of Clearwater, 5-4 and Swearingen of Independence 11-5 to secure a solid third place finish.  Caden found a way to work through his lack of mat time in the last month and showed his grit in so doing.  Caden is a wonder to watch and adds tough character to our team. Caden was 3-1 on the day, 14-8 overall, 3rd place.  

182 lb. sr., Justin Lamatsch’s bracket was round robin and he started with one of his toughest matchups first, losing a close 7-6 decision to the 22-1 Chase Thrush of Rose Hill.  Justin came back to win his next three by fall or forfeit, finishing 3-1 on the day for a 2nd place finish.  The Holcomb wrestler, who is the #2 in 4A scratched after the tournament started, so we were not able to get that matchup, which will be a Regional matchup for Justin, so he will just have to wait for that matchup in Ark City in February.  Justin has had a solid season with an 18-6 record, 2nd place. 

 195 lb. so., Hunter Huber, lost his first match of the day in a close 6-4 decision.  Hunter bounced right back with a fall over Young of Chaparral before losing by fall to Ferguson of Ottawa. Hunter’s 5th place match was to be a rematch with Long of Mulvane, who forfeited to Hunter, which really left the tournament without closure as this matchup could have determined Regional seeding as a split would go to the wrestler who won the last match. Hunter is looking good with a 16-10 record, 5th place.

 220 lb. jr., Sevren Hance, began his day losing by fall to Burdick of Mulvane. Sevren followed that up with a win by fall over Espinosa of Ottawa.  Sevren then lost a heartbreaker to Beaumont of Concordia, 5-2.  In the fifth place match, Sevren won by a major decision, 14-2,  over Gonsalves of Clearwater, earning one additional team point on the day.  Sevren has a record of 15-10, 5th place.

The team championship result met our goal, but we have plenty of improving to do before we get to our next marker for the year at Regionals.  The Hays tournament on Friday and Saturday of this week will give us a good look at our State preparedness and we know that we have some gaps to fill before then and before our post season.  Five weeks will tell the story. Go Greenbacks!

TEAM SCORES 1. Pratt 158 2. El Dorado 148 3. Rose Hill 139.5 4. Concordia 133.5 5. Chaparral 129 6. Mulvane 109 7. Independence 107 8. Ottawa 74.5 9. Clearwater 70