Pratt High boys basketball defeated Macksville 59-47 Friday night

Macksville is not just a run-of-the-mill smaller school boys basketball team. Coming in at 9-3 and having beaten teams like St. John and hung with teams like Central Plains, you had to figure it was going to be a tough match-up for Pratt High.

And it was, but the Greenbacks played well and came out with a 59-47 win Friday night at the Swamp.

Having laid off for a week, PHS was a tiny bit rusty offensively in the early going, but soon got things heading their way. “Once we got going, the kids played well,” observed PHS head coach Chris Battin.

The score was just 9-5 Pratt after the first quarter, but the Greenbacks had played very well defensively and were tough on the glass against the longer ‘Stangs.

“We rose to the challenge defensively,” said Coach Battin. “We were also really good on the glass. We were very thorough on our box-outs. The kids answered the call on the boards.”

Nate Kolm paced the Frog offense with 4 points in Q1.

In the second period, the Greenback offense got going a little better as Pratt outscored Macksville 16-10 to take a 25-15 halftime lead.

Travis Theis had a 3, a 2 and a pair of free throws to lead the Frogs’ second period scoring.

Following halftime, Pratt played like they had the lead, deliberating on offense and trying to get the ball inside.

“We tried to emphasize not just settling for coming down and tossing up a quick 3,” Coach Battin explained. “We wanted to get several touches per possession and look inside for the shot in the post.”

The strategy paid off as post man Jarrett Bates converted the final 7 Greenback points of the third stanza with two buckets and an “&- 1”.

PHS took a 40-30 lead to the final quarter, maintaining the same double digit lead they started Q3 with.

Macksville went with fullcourt pressure over the final period, but Pratt handled it fairly well– committing few turnovers and making the Mustangs pay on the back end of the press several times.

Breaking the press was largely the responsibility of point guard Landen Studer, and he did well.

“Not only does Landen bring the ball up, he guards the other team’s best player every night,” Battin mentioned. “I expect a lot of a point guard, and Landen is doing a great job.”

A few times in the second half Macksville looked to be making a run, cutting the lead to 6 or 8, but the Frogs always responded with someone making a big bucket at just the right time to seize back the momentum. Kaden Evert hit a 3 in each quarter of the second half to help hold the ‘Stangs off.

Grant Bolen and Travis Theis made 1-and-1’s down the stretch to let the Macksvilles know they weren’t going to be able to foul their way back into the game either.

The second half was pretty even, but PHS kept the lead and took the win 59-47.

The Greenbacks will host Kingman on Tuesday.

PHS boys 9 16 15 19 59

Macksville 5 10 15 17 47

Pratt scoring: Travis Theis 15, Jarrett Bates 11, Evert 9, Studer 7, Bolen 7, Kolm 6, Winsor 4