Teen brothers ready to open 2020 corn-selling season in Pratt

Fran Brownell
Pratt Tribune
Pratt brothers Tyler (left) Dylan, stand in their grandfather’s cornfield west of Preston.  They will be setting up their yellow banner and selling roasting ears in Pratt hopefully sometime this week.

Locally grown T & D Sweet Corn is close to being ready for harvest and teenage-age brothers Tyler and Dylan Reimer hope to open their 2020 selling season at the Pratt Dollar General store parking lot, 1310 East 1st Street, starting mid-morning Saturday, July 18.

The initial start date can be subject to change, a few days one way or the other, but once a start date is established, they will be at Dollar General on a five-consecutive-days schedule.

The Reimer brothers will set out their six-foot tall yellow banner emblazoned with a life-size roasting ear as notification that they are open for business.

“The corn is looking really good this year and we’ve been told everybody’s waiting,” said 16-year old Tyler.

“We hope to sell out our whole truckload every day like we always have,” 15-year-old Dylan said.

The brothers are in their fifth year of their T & D Sweet Corn enterprise, which they started at ages 10 and 11 with help of their mom, Sheila Lunsford, and their grandparents Morgan and Deb Trinkle.

Usually in May, the teenagers help plant about one to one-and-one-half acres for their crop on the irrigated Trinkle Farm three miles west of Preston, with harvest time generally starting about the third week of July.

Profits from sales of their Bi-Color Candy Corn will help fund the college educations of the siblings who attend Pratt High School. Dylan will be a sophomore and Tyler a junior when school resumes for the fall, barring further COVID-19 complications.

Tyler is leaning toward agriculture, while Dylan has his sights set on a career in the medical field.

During harvest, on sale days, Dylan and Tyler, their mom and any other available family member, get up early on and fill the bed of family half-ton pickup truck to the rim with freshly-picked corn.

“We like our corn to be fresh out of the field when we sell it,” Dylan said.

The enterprising duo sells their crop by the bakers’ dozen of 13 for $6.00, first come-first serve, with free local delivery offered for orders of five or more dozen.

Phone number for delivery orders is 620-388-2659.

The T & D Corn crew closes up shop for the day when the truck bed is empty, which in past years has been early afternoon, according to their mom, who’s their driver and sale-days sidekick.

T & D Sweet Corn also has a Facebook site by the same name where the brothers, with help from their mom, keep in touch with customers and potential customers.

Last ye ar, the teens sold the last of their crop on August 3 and posted a Thank You to customers via Facebook.

“We’ll post our official opening date on Facebook as soon as we know, so watch for it,” Tyler said. 

The T & D Sweet Corn Facebook banner picture is a close-up photo of a partially-husked roasting ear, fresh out of the field, that could be described as looking tempting enough to make mouths water.

There’s also a link on the T & D Sweet Corn Facebook site to Marion’s Kitchen which recently posted a recipe for Chicken, Cauliflower and Sweet Corn Soup, which Dylan and Tyler said sound good, but they haven’t tried.

The T & D Corn teenage entrepreneurs voiced their opinion about their homegrown crop.

“We like to eat ours just like it comes. Our corn on the cob tastes even better than it looks,” Tyler said.