The Serva-Teria's growth mentality

Noah Riley
Pratt Tribune
The multicolored sign of the Serva-Teria, 1123 E. First St., helps attract customers off U.S. Highway 400 in Pratt.

Tradition: it’s one of the many things in this world that makes people happy. Tradition also goes with being homey and cozy, all the things that make a person feel at home. Pratt restaurant the Serva-Teria is built around those qualities.

Owner Carla Borunda said her favorite part about running the Serva-Teria, formerly known as Donald's Famous Servateria, is getting along with the customers.

And while food is the most important thing of a restaurant, she said the next most important thing is service.

“If a customer says something about the food, then we try to adapt and improve it,” she said.

On a typical day at the restaurant, Borunda said she helps out wherever she can.

That includes the salad bar, in the kitchen, and as a waitress. She said she is a very hard worker and helps her employees instead of just pulling the strings.

Richard Humble, Denise Humble and Betty Young sit at the Serva-Teria, eating their lunch on a Sunday afternoon.

This mentality probably helped the business when the COVID-19 pandemic happened a year ago. Borunda said the pandemic caused the business to be closed for a month. That didn’t stop the Serva-Teria though. They opened up as soon as they could and got back to normal business.

Through the ups and downs of the previous year, the Serva-teria's location has been a plus on 1123 E. First St. in Pratt.

As it is on the highway that is a major thoroughfare through the state of Kansas, people who don’t live in Pratt can see it and stop in as they are passing through.

As per hours listed on their Facebook page, The Serva-teria is open from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. every day of the week.