Here’s the beef

Jennifer Stultz
Customers choose from prime cuts of meat at the Golden Belt Beef store in Overland Park. The meat comes from the Golden Belt Beef operation just north of St. John, Kansas and is a family run operation based in Stafford County.

When patrons walk into the Golden Belt Beef store in the Stanley Square Shopping Center in Overland Park, they are purchasing beef with a southcentral Kansas connection.

The fresh and frozen meats at the store come from Golden Belt Beef, located just north of St. John in Stafford County.

Owner Stan Kaiser, along with the help from his staff, have expanded Golden Belt Beef and made it available to the hungry citizens of Overland Park and Kansas City.

The late Merlin and Nelva Grimes started Golden Belt Beef in a facility just north of St. John back in 1968. Their daughter Jana and Kaiser both worked at the facility in high school and college. They married and the family business continued to produce top quality beef in St. John.

Eventually they moved to Overland Park and Kaiser looked for a market where he could purchase prime beef but he found nothing. He got tired of people saying how good the beef was in Kansas City when he knew Golden Belt was growing top quality beef just north of St. John.

So he decided there was an opportunity to bring some excellent southcentral Kansas beef to the Kansas City area.

“We’re always proud of our product. We like the cattle and we know they get quality care from start to finish,” Kaiser said.

He said he thought about opening a Kansas City marketing outlet for five years because wanted to make sure it would be an efficient operation and turn a profit. At first, the rest of his family was hesitant. They were so busy with daily business at the St. John feeding facility, it would be a stretch. So Kaiser put a team together to make it go.

He was inspired by the history Kansas City has for barbecue and tailgating parties especially for the Kansas City Chiefs.

“They love grilling and smokers,” Kaiser said.

It seemed like a natural fit so he spent a lot of time seeking out a location for a branch outlet store and there it was, just a mile from his home in Overland Park at the Stanley Square Shopping Center. The location is between a McDonald’s Restaurant and a Taco Bell, Kaiser said.

Kaiser’s background is in marketing and he and his wife both like selling. Plans were finalized and in June 2019, the new Golden Belt Beef store opened for business with Kaiser’s son Brett and long time family friend Jordan Gingrich co-manage the store.

So far, business has been good but it tends to be seasonal. They have to pay attention to what product they run for holidays and special events. They tend to get repeat customers and their best days are Friday and Saturday. Kaiser said he wished their foot traffic was better during the rest of the week.

They take family time on Sunday and are closed.

The recent success of the Kansas City Chiefs football team winning the Super Bowl was a big boost to business.

“Winning the Super Bowl was not too bad,” Kaiser said. “We had many customers in looking for tailgating meat. And we were glad to comply.”

On a typical day, marketing products is a tight line between affordability and sustainability for the company.

“We want to give steak a price so that more people could afford it,” Kaiser said.

Back in southcentral Kansas, Tessa Lickiss, Casey Batchman and Dawn Hall run the office in St. John while Shane Haselhorst and Kyle Kaiser hand-pick the cattle used for the Golden Belt Beef program.

“I may have come up with the idea but they ran with it and make it happen on a daily basis,” Kaiser said.

Golden Belt Beef sells fresh or frozen product and can ship it anywhere in the continental United States for free but only on Monday and Tuesday. Kaiser has a trailer and hauls meat to the Overland Park facility.

Kaiser said they have been inspired by the success of the Overland Park office and are considering adding a branch in Olathe and one in Kansas City, Missouri if they can get it worked out. But this is in the very early planning stages so much has to be decided yet.

Kaiser’s plans to expand the business are evidence that their family is in it for the long haul.

The Golden Belt Beef feedlot facility just north of St. John has about 21,000 head. The beef is processed at Krehbiel’s Meat Packing in McPherson.