Dancing unicorn brings smiles to sequestered residents in Pratt

Fran Brownell
Prancing to the beat of "Happy," Iuka resident Kasey Voss wears an inflatable unicorn costume while entertaining residents of Hillside Terrace Apartments on National Unicorn Day, April 9.  Voss, who is Pratt liaison for Wichita-based Heartland Home Health and Hospice, also performed at other senior living centers in Pratt. Video of the performance is posted on the Heartland Home Health and Hospice site, https://www.facebook.com/HeartlandHomeHealthHospice/videos/258046628699275/.  The video is also posted on Voss's Facebook page.

A six-foot tall, bubble-gum pink unicorn with a rainbow tail was spotted dancing around Pratt on Thursday, April 9, bringing smiles to residents of Hillside Terrace and Pratt Rehabilitation and Residence Center and was also spotted at Pratt Health and Rehab on April 8.

“With social distancing in place, we wanted to bring some joy and laughter and a little bit of silliness to residents who aren’t getting out to see anybody right now and who can’t have visitors,” said Iuka resident Kasey Voss. “Anything to bring a laugh right now.”

Voss, who is the Pratt liaison for Wichita-based Heartland Home Health and Hospice, said the idea came to her as she considered ways to bring some fun into the drab days of COVID-19 confinement.

“I had ordered the inflatable unicorn outfit from Amazon for a friend’s daughter’s birthday," Voss said. “This sparked my imagination.”

Voss was assisted with the production by Heartland Home Health Care nurses Brittany Mead, Tammy Krom and Kelsey Williams, all residents of Pratt.

“Getting into the costume is tricky,” Voss said.

“I’m short, so when I’m inside and it’s been inflated, I only reach to the neck, where there’s a small peephole for me to look out,” Voss said.

One of her assistants played recorded music as Voss pranced to the beat.

Voss’s dancing unicorn act also captured the attention of KWCH Channel 12 Wichita news staff with a segment aired on Wednesday, April 15.

Ironically, Voss said, since it was not planned, two the unicorn dance performances happened to fall on National Unicorn Day, which is celebrated annually on April 9.

Still posted on the Wichita-based Heartland Home Health and Hospice Facebook site and also on Voss’s Facebook site, the prancing Pink Unicorn never tires of bopping to the beat.