Brad and Chad offer stay-at-home entertainment in Kiowa County

Hannah Brown
Brad Lingafelter and Chad Pore host a couples show comedy, testing Kiowa County couples on their knowledge of each other, to share some community fun during the countrywide stay-at-home mandated time.

About a week into the Stay-At-Home order mandated by Kansas Governor Laura Kelly, Kiowa County family-men and local sports announcers Brad Lingafelter and Chad Pore decided they needed to bring some entertainment to the community. So they put their ideas together and came up with the Brad and Chad show, in which they hope to virtually lift the spirits of others who may be bored at home. The show can be found on the bradandchad YouTube channel, which can be watched anytime. The BradandChad Facebook page gives updates as to what is coming up and when to watch.

“I think we need an outlet to laugh,” said Lingafelter. “We can take this time to learn more about the people in our little community and see the fun personalities of our guests. When this whole COVID-19 is done, none of us will be the same. That is okay, if we come out on the other side with a better appreciation for who we all are as people.”

Lingafelter and Pore began their online entertainment by hosting “The Couples Show,” where local couples try to answer questions with the same answer as their spouse. They have also hosted interviews with 2020 seniors from Kiowa County High School, since their school year was cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We named [it] ’20 for 2020’ because we spend 20-minutes basically interviewing a senior about the pandemic, favorite memories from high school, influences, and future plans, etc,” said Pore.

Another activity they tried was a segment with some girls from the high school freshman class, where they identified who would be most likely to marry a celebrity or have their own reality show.

The comedic duo said they have more ideas in the works that will continue to bring some lighthearted fun to people in the community.

“People need interaction. Brad and I like having a good time and enjoy entertaining people and felt we could provide some entertainment to people who are going stir crazy at home,” Pore said. “If we can make some people laugh then we have achieved our goal.”

Pore said they were aware that many people in the area are struggling with the current pandemic and need some sort of emotional outlet.

“We hope we can be some of that outlet so people have something to look forward to or something that brings a smile to their face and reminds them we are all in this together,” he said.

Lingafelter and Pore started their partnership during the 2020 Kiowa County High School girl’s basketball season. Pore noticed that no one announcing the girl’s games that were being broadcast by the Kiowa County Media Center. He approached Grant Neuhold who is in charge of the broadcasts and told him he would be willing to commentate. After doing the first game solo, Chad ran into Brad and the dream team was created. Originally the duo only announced for home basketball games, but both Brad and Chad have kids who play, and they were at the away games anyway, so they started announcing those as well.

“We went to Satanta and we were having technical difficulties so we decided to fill some time. That is when we became BradandChad, and started the #beEliteTrivia contest, etc. It basically took on a life of its own,” Lingafelter said. “We’re just having a lot of fun.”