PCC shares music videos in lieu of live performances

Kahrie Stegman
Pratt Community College performing arts student Kedric Sturgin reads the 'Winky Wonky Donkey' in a variety of voices for an online video, part of a daily series created by Director Misty Beck. Sturgin is a Pratt native.

While college and high school athletes are missing out on their sports seasons, performing arts students are also missing out on a multitude of spring events and concerts. Pratt Community College Performing Arts students are making the most of their situation by creating a Stay at Home Concert Series. Performing art students and alumni are recording music solo videos and instructor Misty Beck posts them on the PCC Performing Arts Facebook page. Though they are missing out on their Alumni Weekend and Concert, Finale Concert and approximately 12 tour dates at K-12 schools, churches, nursing homes, and more, they are continuing to bring music and entertainment to people’s lives while they are stuck at home.

“Each day I post a video of a current student, alum or one of our department "littles" performing a song of their choice,” Performing Arts Director Misty Beck said. “Today it is Kedric reading the ‘Winky Wonky Donkey’ in voices.”

They aren’t performing as a group during this time, but are looking forward to when they can perform together again.

“It’s very difficult to ‘sing’ online as a group,” Beck said. “Once we are through the phases of reopening we will look at whether we can meet as a group and do something else online, but really at this time with the current situation we can't plan much.”

The classes still meet at their normal times to stay connected.

“Artsy people are usually ‘people’ people and so we have worked hard to keep our connections,” Beck said.

Beck has received many messages from people who have watched their videos.

“We have gotten thousands of views on these videos and I have received multiple messages from people saying how they look forward to them,” Beck said. “We will be continuing them for as long as people need a pick me up.”

Beck was planning on putting on her annual Summer Music Theater camp for kids this summer, but has canceled that due to coronavirus concerns.

“It is with a heavy heart that we have to announce that Summer Music Theatre Camp 2020 is canceled. With the current COVID-19 situation and the uncertainty of the phasing system being currently laid out in Kansas we just can't take any chances,” she said.

Frozen had been chosen as the 2020 camp production and rights have been secured to that will be the selection for camp 2021.

Those who had already registered and paid for the summer music camp will have their fees returned by mail, Beck said.