Local artists encouraged to prepare for Filley show

Jordyn Sanko
Pratt Tribune
Pratt-area artists working on items for the coming Community Art Show at the Vernon Filley Art Museum include Deb Goyen, who has decorated a deer skull and other similar items.

Community artists who have been refining old skills or taking up new ones during the coronavirus pandemic are invited to take part in a Community Art Exhibit coming soon at the Vernon Filley Art Museum in Pratt.

“We invite people of all ages to participate, said executive director Stan Reimer. “We don’t have an age range. It could be a grade school student or elementary school student. Anybody in the community.”

The showcase is open to anyone living in Pratt County. 

Watercolor, oil paintings, sculptures out of clay… poetry, or a short story. Anything that is creative, is welcomed to the exhibit.

Reimer said museum personnel expected turnout to be roughly 200 artworks, but hope even more masterpieces will surface in what they call the first-even Creative Community Art Exhibit. 

“We’ll get as many as tables we need to to hold the entries,” Reimer said. “This is the first time we’re doing something like this and we hope for the best.” 

The exhibition will nto be a competition, rather it is a celebration of sorts, shedding light on what people have been doing at home during recent social distancing days.

“We’re not going to be judging or giving prizes. No one should be afraid that their work is not good enough. We just want people to create. I know we’ll all enjoy it,” Reimer said. 

The whole purpose of the event is to strengthen the involvement between the museum and the community, and inspire people to create as a whole. Reimer said he hopes that there will be future shows similar to the Creative Community Art Exhibit. 

“We encourage and teach a lot of art classes. We always have a showcase night after the art class is finished. It might be a very successful thing and we are very interested in doing it again sometime,” he said. 

Reimer said that a virtual show also may be possible in the future. The possibility of future shows such as this, virtual or not, remains to be seen.

The art exhibit was an idea brought to life between four individuals: director Britney Novotny, executive director Stan Reimer, assistant Ali Diel, and board director member Larry Kahmeyer. All played a part  in managing and creating the Creative Community Art Exhibit. Kahmeyer created the advertisement currently on the Vernon Filley Art Museum’s Facebook page.

As long as plans for Pratt County re-opening continue to progress and the climate is safe for individuals to visit the museum in small numbers with masks and precautions, the Filley Museum will host a week-long come and go public community exhibit in their front lobby (likely without an opening event due to social distancing needs). 

The week-long exhibit will likely take place around the last week of July or the beginning of August. 

“We ask anyone interested to fill out their entry form now and drop off their artwork starting anytime after July 2, 2020,” Novotny said. “More details will be announced soon, but the time to create is now. All we need to know is who plans to be present.”

The exhibit will take place the week of August 8-15. A short 5 question form for participants is available on the museum website at