Prepped in Pratt

Madalynn Wilson
Tiffany Bailey of Pratt offers meal selections like these, cooked in her home, in an online ordering system for families who would like sit-down meals.

After hearing people continuously tell her they’d pay to eat her cooking, Tiffany Bailey, wife of Justin Bailey, and mom of two daughters, began her own meal-order business, Prepped in Pratt in April of last year. Prepped in Pratt is a homemade food service that offers various different meal options for families to order ready to eat.

“I felt a demand for home-cooked meals,” Bailey said. “I want to bring families back around the dinner table. I hope to do that with less work and time in the kitchen.”

Bailey launches a new menu every Friday that includes four main dishes, four sides, two sweets, and two breakfasts. The menu always includes keto options with two main dishes, two sides, one sweet and breakfast option being keto. They all come with options of “prepped” that require some assembly and cooking, “prepped and ready” which comes in a dish ready to be cooked or frozen, or “heat and eat” meaning cooked and ready to heat up.

Bailey also offers what she calls Komplete Eats which are lunch meals that come with a main dish, side, and fruit. She often has employees order these to take to work or parents ordering them for their kids to take to school. Multi-cooker meals are the final option and they are prepped and ready to put in a crock-pot.

“I do special request orders too,” Bailey said. “I have some large families that will be getting together. I’ll do a bigger order for like 20. They’ll say, ‘Okay, we want to do Mexican this week’, so I’ll cook whatever I want for them.”

She manages all her orders through her website, After she releases a new menu on Friday, orders are open until the next Thursday, and she offers pickup or delivery the following Wednesday.

Along with Prepped in Pratt, Bailey keeps herself even busier as a consultant for Pampered Chef which she has been since 2014. She can do in-person or online parties as well as catalog or individual orders.

Tiffany and her husband, Justin Bailey, live in Pratt with their daughters Karsyn and Emerson.