Activities for residents delivered safely

Jennifer Stultz
Gamma Beta Sorority Club members (from left) Anel Cox, President, Becky Holcomb, Linda Broce, Deb Polok and Laverne Taylor deliver gifts of mind activities to elderly residents in lock down facilities. Safety precautions were taken and the members did not enter any of the facilities they visited.

At the time of Pratt’s Cruise Main event a few weeks ago, the Gamma Beta Sorority Club got word that Pratt-area rest-homes and rehab centers were needing new things to help keep the residents occupied.  Residents in most such facilities have been on lock down since the beginning of March because of the coronavirus disease.

The group canvassed about to collect puzzles, word search books, crossword puzzles, dominoes, classic DVD movies, etc.

A number of items were taken to Pratt Health and Rehab last week, as well as Pratt Rehab and Residence Center.

Safety precautions were observed and Gamma Beta members could not enter any of the drop off points, so items were given to staff outside, safely, with everyone wearing masks.