Busy B Bakery now open for business

Jordyn Sanko
Brandi Cupples makes scones, muffins, rolls and breads and is selling these items and more at her new business Busy B Bakery, in the Parrish hotel at 120 W. Fourth Street in Pratt. Open hours are 8-11 a.m., 12-4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, unless otherwise posted on her Facebook page.

The Busy B Bakery, featuring homemade treats by Brandie Cupples, opened in January as a new walk-in bakery at the Parrish Lofts corner in Pratt. Already a hot-spot for students and families alike, customers are enjoying homemade pie, a wide variety of bagels and breads, brownies, scones and much more at the floor level eatery.

Cupples, who previously worked from her home on specialized baking orders, opened her business on January 23, 2020.

“There really isn’t any bakeries that you can walk into and purchase an item in Pratt,” Cupples said. “It’s all special orders.”

She also said that she could produce a higher quantity of baked goods at the bakery than she could at home.

Cupples said two of her goals are to expand her business and make online ordering available. However, she considers having been able to open a success in itself. She is helped by her husband, John, and her children Zander (16), Christian (13) and Addison (4).

“It is hard work," she said. “I work early in the morning and late at night baking.”

Cupples said customer service was the most time-consuming aspect of her new business, as she wants to be able to meet any needs that arise. She recently added homemade soups for lunch service as customers requested.

Cupples said she has never owned a business prior to the Busy B Bakery but she is elated and optimistic about the direction it is heading. She is constantly busy filling customer orders even during off-hours and “slow” times, particularly Mondays.

She said she enjoys the flexibility of owning her own business and has the ability to create her own schedule around her kid’s activities. This is due to her immense love and dedication for her family, and she stated that if she had to list her priorities, her family would be above even her bakery.

It was actually her family that introduced her to the mouthwatering world of baking. Cupples’ grandmother and mother taught her how to bake, her favorite recipe being chocolate chip cookies. As she grew up, she had jobs primarily in the food industry, including at a bagel shop. Later in life she discovered a love for decorating cakes and making sweets for her childrens’ birthdays, and then she began taking special orders where customers relied on her experience as she built a reputation for having a creative background.

“I’ve pretty much worked with food my whole life,” she said.

One of the most challenging obstacles of her new bakery is, according to Cupples, trying to figure out what people will want and making enough, without making waste. Otherwise, she said she has had no major problems.

The Busy B Bakery is open 8-11 a.m. and 12-4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, unless otherwise noted on Cupples Facebook and Twitter pages.