Simon says 'have fun' at Pratt Rec events this summer

Kahrie Stegman
Pratt Tribune
Children play Simon Says during a Monday Pratt Recration activity at the Green Sports Complex. Pratt-area children aged 5-fifth grade are welcome to join the adult-supervised fun summer activities.

More than 40 Pratt-area kids, ages 5 through 5th grade, are enjoying the summer by participating in the Pratt Rec Summer Youth Program. 

This year, the program started on June 22 and will go until July 24. Every weekday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., the kids participate in free activities planned by a Pratt Recreation team of adults, with every day of the week being something new. Those who plan and lead the activities are Ariel Haskin, Ashley Riedel, Katie Prieto, and Katie Ray. On Mondays, the activities are held at Green Sports Complex, Tuesdays are at Roller Rena, Wednesdays are “Wet Days” at Zerger Park, Thursdays are at Lemon Park, and Fridays are at 6th Street Park. 

Along with activities, the kids are also provided with snacks and a lunch delivered to the site. 

According to Ariel Haskin, the food is one of the kids’ favorite parts of the program. 

“Any day that food is involved is the best day,” Haskin said. 

Jace and Dani Thompson both participate in the program. 

Every Monday, the kids help the community out by picking up trash at Green Sports Complex after the weekend ball tournaments, and it is Dani’s favorite part. 

“My favorite part was picking up trash at the baseball fields for people, because that’s kind of nice,” Dani said. “I also like playing in the water.”

Stephanie Thompson, Jace and Dani’s mom, finds the program to be beneficial for her, as well. 

“Summer rec gives our kids a chance to get outside and play with many of their school friends and it gives me a chance to run a few errands, kid-free,” Thompson said. “We appreciate the time and energy the staff puts in to making a fun, safe environment for our kids.”

See the Pratt Rec Facebook page for more info.