Residents enjoy special party day at Hillside Terraces in Pratt

Jennifer Stultz
Pratt Tribune
Gina Qualls, Manager of Hillside Terrace Apartments organized an Ice Cream Social for tennants birthdays in August at the apartment complex at 414 Watson in Pratt. Residents were enjoyed treats from "Gina's Ice Cream Truck"

Whether it is putting together special gift bags for residents or just taking the time to visit and help residents feel connected, Gina Qualls, Manager of Hillside Terrace Apartments always seems to be doing something special at Hillside Terrace Apartments, 414 Watson Street, Pratt.

On Friday, August 7, Qualls made arrangements with several people to put on a special party for residents there.

Ryan Wittig, Maintenence, held an ice cream social for tennants who have birthdays in August. Residents were treated to treats from "Gina's Ice Cream Truck" while Wittig served cupcakes and cookies. 

Kasey Voss, Heartland Home Health and Hospice, was also available to answer any questions about their services.

Better known as the pink unicorn dancer, Voss told those interested about her work with Heartland in providing hospice care wherever needed, at home, at a skilled nursing center, an assisted living facility or anywhere else that is comfortable.

She said Heartland also provides health care at home, within senior housing or in an independent or assisted living facilities. 

Residents and friends enjoyed plenty of balloons, sweet treats and prizes as well as smiles and support as needed from Qualls and company.