Mounts teaches yoga classes online from Pratt

Ruby Howell
Pratt Tribune
Jessica Mounts of Pratt teaches the vinyasa flow method of yoga online and is accepting new students at this time.

According to Pratt exercise enthusiast Jessica Mounts, everyone could use a little less stress in their lives, especially now. Mounts, owner of Root + Rise Yoga and Mindfulness has decided to offer online sessions so that those worried about the current coronavirus pandemic may participate from the safety of their homes or social seclusion.

“Yoga can be a functional and beneficial tool to relieve stress,” Mounts said.

She has been a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance since 2016. Before moving to Pratt, she taught yoga at a studio in Wichita. In February this year, she taught a vinyasa style program at Blythe Family Fitness, but that was before COVID-19 shutdowns.

Mounts now continues her exercise instructions  via zoom classes. Her program still focuses on the vinyasa flow style of yoga, which aims to form the link between breath and movement as well as build strength and flexibility. 

Mounts said that her online classes give people an option to better their mindfulness, flexibility, and overall health without risking that healthy by hosting in-person sessions. 

“A benefit of holding zoom classes is that it takes away geographical barriers,” Mounts said. “Not all of my students live in Pratt. Sometimes, I even attends yoga sessions with a fellow yoga instructor who lives in another country. By doing this online, it gives clients a solid sense of routine, as classes follow a consistent schedule.”

 Despite her positive outlook to make the best out of hard times, Mounts said she still prefers teaching in-person and plans to return to teaching at Blythe as soon as it is safe to do so. 

“The biggest challenge of online sessions is that I can no longer adjust students as she would in-person,” she said. “Part of my style is to help with hands-on adjustments. It’s harder to catch alignment issues or correct poses when I can only see through the screen.”  

Mount said she also misses the personal connection that every teacher has with their students. 

“In person, I might help students get into a deeper or more correct version of a pose, to make sure they are doing it correctly,” she said. 

Online, Mounts has fewer students than she did when she taught in person. Perhaps it is due to the sudden change in everyone’s schedules and lives, or maybe it’s due to a lack of public knowledge of her program. Typically, her zoom sessions host between 2-10 people. Some are from Pratt, and others are from surrounding areas. She will do private sessions, and with proper communication and social distancing, they can be in-person. 

As for her schedule, classes are every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30 a.m.- 9:30 a.m.

“Any yoga is better than no yoga,” she said.

Her program can fit to any level of commitment. All ages are welcome, however the yoga clases are geared towards adults.

Mounts said she does a lot of explanation and instruction to go along with her program. She said that students don’t need anything fancy to be able to benefit from yoga. A carpeted floor or even a cheap yoga mat will do. 

“Yoga is more than stretching. It’s about connecting your body and mind for better health,” she said.

Mounts has a website where students can register for classes or schedule private sessions:, and she said she would love to take on more students to teach in the ways of the vinyasa flow.