Mexican restaurants switch it up for more variety in Pratt

Courtney Blankenship

In this current phase of change and reopenings amid COVID-19, the owners of El Dos De Oros have decided to adjust the name of their restaurant to match that of their restaurants in other locations around Kansas and Oklahoma. In addition to the name change, the family also purchased the building that formerly housed the ‘Playa Azul’ restaurant on Highway 54, in order to open a new restaurant called ‘Los Cabos.’

Juan Lopez, son of the owner, said the name of El Dos De Oros will be changed to ‘Cancun’ but will still remain the same restaurant that Prattans have known and loved through the years.

“We’re just changing the name,” Lopez said. “When we bought El Dos De Oros about 11 years ago, the El Dos De Oros name belonged to my uncle---That was the very first restaurant we had, but ever since the other restaurants we opened, they were called ‘Cancun,’ and so now, we just decided, you know, to change it to the name of the restaurants that we have.”

Lopez’s family also owns ‘Cancun’ restaurants located in Hays, Medicine Lodge, Hutchinson, Kingman, and in Alva, Oklahoma.

Though the restaurants operate in different locations, the menus are very similar with the exception of a few plates that have been created and kept around as ‘local favorites.’

The new restaurant, Los Cabos, will feature a new menu and is set to open in the next week or two. Pratt is the first location to open this restaurant but Lopez said it is possible that other locations could open in the future.

After noticing that most of the menu items are sold consistently at El Dos De Oros, Lopez said his family decided to open Los Cabos to give customers a wider variety of options to choose from without risking customer dissatisfaction by removing and replacing menu items at El Dos De Oros (Cancun).

“Mexican food is, like, really vast, really different," Lopez said. "So, you know, we thought maybe change it up a little bit."

Curbside pickup will be available at Los Cabos, and as Kansas gradually moves into phases of lessened restrictions, a smaller number of customers will be allowed into the restaurant to dine while being socially distanced. Cancun has also been allowing customers to call orders in and pick them up at the restaurant window during this time.

“Around the same price [as Cancun],” Lopez said. “We are going to have better cuts of meat and stuff---more variety of steaks and more variety of fish.”

The prices are dependent on the cut of meat or fish, Lopez said, but most of it will be competitively priced and the hours of operation will be the same as Cancun.