How to Turn On Faith


January 01, 2020:SOAP #3681:  Genesis 1-2; Luke 1

Scripture: Genesis (NIV) 1:3 And God said 6 AndGod said 9 And God said

14 And God said 20 And God said 24 And God said

Observation:  In thefirst chapter of Genesis we read about the six days of creation.  (In the second chapter, on the seventh day,God rested.)  It is notable that mentionedfirst in each creative day is God speaking. 

When I started writing the SOAPs ten years ago, I wondered if God would speakto me every day for a whole year.  Fromthe first chapter I read that year, Genesis 1, I had God's answer.  God spoke each day!!!    

Application: Although a radio station can bebroadcasting 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, my radio must be turned on andtuned in to be a receiver. 

Faith is the key to receiving from God.  Sohow do I turn on my faith?  I come to Biblereading with a pencil and paper.  It ismy way of telling God that I am expecting Him to say something to me.  It says that I will value what He says enoughto write it down.  (I have found that anopen document on my laptop works as good as a pencil and paper.)   

Prayer:   HeavenlyFather, I expect you to speak to me as I read your word.  I expect you to show me things that apply tome.  I expect you to give me directionfor my day.  I know you expect me tovalue your word and to set myself to remember it.  Holy Spirit, help me remember it and live it.Amen

Pastor Leon

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