Home damaged after lightning strike

Gale Rose
A lightning strike on December 28 caused electrical damage to a Pratt County home.

A Pratt County home received extensive electrical damage after a lightning strike near the Dwayne and Karen Elliott house caused an electrical surge to travel through the house, damaging electronics and appliances, said Township 12 Fire Chief Mark McManaman.

Around 6:35 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 28, lightning hit the ground about 20 yards outside the Elliott home on the Pratt/Kingman County line. The strike made a hole in the ground and electricity from the strike followed an unknown pathway into the house causing damage to the electrical system including blowing junctions boxes off the house that fed a satellite dish and a phone box.

"It tripped the breakers in the electrical boxes," McManaman said.

The electrical surge made its way into the basement and caused a fire place fan motor to overheat and put out smoke.

The Elliotts called 911 and Pratt County Fire, Township 12, Pratt County EMS and Pratt County Sheriff responded to the call. Cunningham Fire was also asked to respond because they were much closer to the residence that was about two miles south of U.S. 54 on the Pratt/Kingman County line. Preston Fire was also requested to respond.

McManaman said there was no fire at the residence but they did shut off the electricity and propane as a safety precaution. The family was instructed to have those systems checked before they were turned on again. There was no fire so no water was necessary. Fans were used to clear the smoke caused by the overheated fire place fan. Smoke from that fan permeated items in the house including ceiling tiles and carpets.

Several appliances were damaged but McManaman said they didn't know the extent of the electrical damage at time of the incident and the damage was still being assessed.

No one was injured in the incident.