THE Speaker


January 13, 2020: SOAP #3693:  Genesis 31-33; Luke 13

Scripture:  Genesis (NIV) 31:16 now then, whatsoever Godhath said unto thee, do.

Observation:  Racheland Leah were sister that had both been given in marriage to Jacob.  Jacob had just let them know that God hadtold him to leave the area in which they had been raised and return to hishome.  They understood what was happeningin their family and responded that he should do whatever God directed. 

This reminds me of Mary's response at the wedding in Canaan.  The wine had run out and she referred theservants to Jesus saying, 'Whatever he says unto you do it!'  (John 2:5) 

Application:   Myparents visited me one weekend while I was at Bible School.  In the service we attended that night Godspoke clearly to me that I was to leave Bible School and enlist in the armedservices.  As we were walking out to thecar, I told my dad and his response was, 'If that is what God tells you, youhave to do it.' 

The same God that spoke to Jacob is the same God that spoke to me in 1967 andthe same God that speaks to me daily.

Prayer:   HeavenlyFather, the Bible proves that you are a speaker.  You talk to people.  Old Testament times, New Testament times, today"itmakes no difference.  Holy Spirit, helpme keep my spiritual ears open to hear what is being said to me today. Amen

Pastor Leon

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