The Dream Giver is The Dream Maker


January 15, 2020: SOAP #3695:  Genesis 37-38; Psalm 7; Luke 15

Scripture:  Genesis (NIV) 37:20 “Come now, let's killhim and throw him into one of these cisterns and say that a ferocious animaldevoured him. Then we'll see what comes of his dreams.”

Observation:  Joseph'sbrothers thought that if they could get rid of Joseph, they would get rid of hisdreams.  They had not yet discovered thedream giver. 

They were not Joseph's dreams; they were God's dreams!  The brothers were not working to destroy Joseph'sdreams, but God's dreams.  Those dreamswould become the salvation of their own lives and the lives of theirfamily.  Their attitude would change whenthey discovered that the 'Dream Giver' became the 'Dream Maker!'

Application:  When God gives a dream, he takes theresponsibility to bring it to pass.  Itis for me to trust Him, to be faithful in whatever place I find myself.   His isthe responsibility for the results, for the open doors, and for the needed resources. 

It is important for me to recognize God's dreams for me.  When I develop and begin to produce my owndreams, I must rely on my wisdom, strength, and resources.  But when I take on God's dream, I find thatHe assures the success!

Prayer:  Lord, you are the 'Dream Giver.'  I trust you to provide all things necessaryfor the dreams you give.  You are notdepending on me to bring them about because you are also the 'Dream Maker!'  You are depending on me to have faith andbelieve you. Sometimes it does not seem that the little you give me to do willmake a difference.  But faith andobedience are what you desire.  Amen

Pastor Leon

Making friends for time and eternity!