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January 16, 2020: SOAP #3696:  Genesis 39-41; Luke 16

Scripture:  Genesis (NIV) 39:1 Now Joseph had been takendown to Egypt. Potiphar, an Egyptian who was one of Pharaoh's officials, thecaptain of the guard, bought him from the Ishmaelites who had taken him there. 2The LORD was with Joseph and he prospered, and he lived in the house ofhis Egyptian master.

20 Joseph's master took him and put him in prison, the place where the king'sprisoners were confined. But while Joseph was there in the prison, 21 theLORD was with him; he showed him kindness and granted him favor in the eyesof the prison warder.

Observation:  Josephwas sold into slavery to a caravan going to Egypt.  He was forcefully removed from his home andfamily, BUT he could not be removed from the presence and favor of God!  

While in Egypt, Joseph was falsely accused and thrown into prison, BUT he couldnot be removed from the presence and favor of God!  

God worked through Joseph's troubles to place him in a location from which hecould immediately ascend to be second in all of Egypt only to Pharaoh! 

Application:   Godstill uses difficulties today to position His servants where they can bestserve and bless others.  Troubles have beenGod's way of positioning me many times. I did not enjoy what was happening to me, but now that I have thebenefit of seeing how it worked out, I can rejoice like Joseph.  (Genesis 45:5-8) God was in the details thatwere troubling me!  His presence neverleft me!  

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, you are sovereign over allthe earth.  You never leave me.  When I take time to look, I can see your handat work everywhere, even in my troubles. Holy Spirit, bring these truths to mymind when I am in the middle of trouble.  Amen

Pastor Leon

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