After they prayed


January 28, 2020: SOAP #3708:   Exodus 21-22; Psalm 12; Acts 4

After they prayed (from October 15, 2011.   I do not like to repeat, but God is speaking to me through this earlier SOAP.   May God use it in your life too!)

Scripture:  Acts 4:31 NIV After they prayed, the placewhere they were meeting was shaken. And they were all filled with the HolySpirit and spoke the word of God boldly.

Observation:    Sometimes we want God to work before wepray.  But the move of God came AFTERthey prayed.  And it was not just thatthey prayed, but it is good to note how they prayed.  They acknowledged God's sovereignty and thatthe worst man could do to Jesus only worked for the furtherance of God'swill.  They acknowledged the threatsagainst them, but only asked for boldness to speak His word.  They did not ask for an easy life withoutpain or suffering.  Finally, they askedfor God to do things in the name of Jesus, for His glory. 

Application:   Sometimesin prayer I am so taken up with what I want that I forget there may besomething He wants.  I usually have aplan on how God could work out my problem, but surely, He already has aplan.  In prayer I should agree that Hisplan is obviously better than mine and I should surrender myself to be a partof His plan. 

Prayer:   Lord, youare so much wiser than I am.  To firststop to pray and let you take the lead allows me to move in your wisdom.  Amen. 

Pastor Leon

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