He knew what I needed!


February 10, 2020: SOAP #3721:   Leviticus 13-14; Acts 17

Scripture:  Leviticus (NIV) 14:12 “Then the priest isto take one of the male lambs and offer it as a guilt offering, along with thelog of oil; he shall wave them before the LORD as a wave offering.

14 The priest is to take some of the blood of the guilt offering and put

15 The priest shall then take some of the log of oil

17 The priest is to put some of the oil

18 The rest of the oil in his palm the priest shall put on the head of the oneto be cleansed and make atonement for him before the

Observation:  In chapterthirteen God gave instructions for determining if something wasinfectious.  Here in chapter 14 we havethe ceremony is for the one to be cleansed from an infectious disease.  After reading this through, I wondered whythe Lord brought this to my attention. Then the Lord showed me that the ceremony for atonement was all done bythe priest on behalf of the one needing cleansing.  (Note: verses 29 & 31) 

It is a picture of what Jesus has done for me. I could not save myself.  I hadthe communicable disease known as sin.  Icould not cleanse myself.  If I was to becleansed, it would be necessary for someone else to do it for me. 

Application:   I loveto sing: 

'He paid a debt He did not owe. 

I owed a debt I could not pay.

I needed someone to wash my sins away. 

And now I sing a brand-new song, Amazing Grace. 

Christ Jesus paid the debt that I could never pay.' 

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, no one understood mypredicament like you.  You knew what I needed,and you sent Jesus to provide the cleansing sacrifice for me.  Thank you for forgiving my sin.  Thank you for coming to live in my life.  Amen

Pastor Leon

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