Trivia night fun for all ages, raises funds for Pratt church congregation

Gale Rose
The Beach Party gang hold the first place symbol after winning the Ascension Lutheran Adult Trivia night fundraiser to raise money to pay for remodeling their recently donated building. Beach Party members are Andrew and Megan Piester, Aaron and Diane Traffas, Chris and Chelsea Boyd, Michael and Erica Edwards and 10-month-old Halle Edwards.

What was the day, month and year that Kansas became a state? That, long with 100 other questions, had participants of the Ascension Lutheran Trivia night testing their skills as they had some fun and raised funds for improvements to their recently acquired church building.

From Disney princesses to Wheaties athletes to state shape identification to TV show theme songs, group tables would make their best guess as they worked their way through 10 questions in 10 categories plus one bonus question at the end on Saturday night at the Pratt County Fairgrounds.

Ascension Lutheran Rev. Dan Chrismer said the entry fee plus the purchase of raffle tickets and silent auction bid money would go towards upgrades on a church building donated to Ascension Lutheran by the St. Paul Lutheran in Natrona.

This is the third trivia night fundraiser. The first was also for building improvements while the second helped cover expenses for a church youth conference. About 130 attended the event.

On Feb. 8, 2020, table teams of eight picked a theme for their group with the gamecocks all wearing chicken and goose headgear, wedding crashers in wedding and bridesmaid gowns, a Gothic table with everyone in black cloths and Goth makeup and a Hawaiian theme with participants in Hawaiian shirts. Each table brought snacks to munch on during the competition and the use of cell phones was strictly forbidden.

Ascension Lutheran member Alesha Bergner acted as master of ceremonies. She presented each of the 10 questions in each category then repeated each question before answer sheets were collected. Answers for each category were presented immediately after answer sheets turned in so everyone knew how well or not so well they did in any given category.

Chrismer said the church is still in the fact-finding phase of determining what improvements need to be done to the building they hope will house their church. They are working with an architect to develop a list of needed upgrades. Since they are not done investigating what all needs to be done to the building, they don't have an estimate yet on how much money they need to raise.

Chrismer said he hopes to get the fact finding done and improvements made so they can move into the church this year.

The church welcomes donations. For information, go to or visit the web site at, click on Support Ascension then select building fund.

The Our Saviors Lutheran Church at Second and Thompson has recently been a day care and a clothing  supply outlet, along with other items, for families in need.

Ascension Lutheran is currently meeting at the Barron Theatre and have been there since 2017. Previously, they had also met at the All Saints Episcopal Church building on North Main. Ascension Lutheran membership is about 60 people.