Recent snowfall less than expected

Jennifer Stultz
Wet snow flutters down Pratt's Main Street on Wednesday afternoon, the first wave of a two-part storm that left some streets slick overnight into Thursday morning.

A fine white frosting filtered down from the skies over Pratt and the surrounding area Wednesday afternoon, but it wasn’t as much as expected and it didn’t last as long as it could have.

“It was a pretty snow, and it didn’t cause me any problems,” said Barb Prater, Pratt resident who was out and about Thursday morning.

Less than an inch of snow accumulated in Pratt County overnight with most of it melting by noon on Thursday. There were some slick spots on city side streets but no vehicle injury accidents were reported in connection to the winter storm.

An individual fell on an icy walk on Thursday morning in northwest Pratt County, requiring emergency response from Pratt and Iuka for a potential injury, but an updated status was not available at press time.