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February 29, 2020: SOAP #3740:   (reworked from 2/29/2012)

Scripture:  John (The Message) 10:10 A thief is onlythere to steal and kill and destroy. I came so they can have real and eternallife, more and better life than they ever dreamed of.

Observation:  Today isthe extra day added in for leap year. The normal 28 days of February have become 29.  It makes me think of all the extras that Godhas placed in this world for us to enjoy. I remember a small box of coloring crayons I had as a young boy.  As I recall there were 8 basic colors: red, orange,yellow, green, blue, purple. brown, and black. They were beautiful and I enjoyed them. Later I got a box of 16, then one of 32! The basic colors had been shaded and mixed!

Primary colors occur naturally without being mixed first; they are red, yellowand blue. Secondary colors, formed by mixing two of the primary colors, areorange, green and purple. Black, when mixed with other colors, creates darkershades of colors. White has the opposite effect, creating lighter tints ofcolors. Brown is formed by mixing all three primary colors together, or bymixing primary colors with secondary colors. (This paragraph from informationon the internet.) 

Godcould have made the world in eight basic colors, but that would not havedisplayed the wonderful variety of a God who loves beauty. 

Application:   Todayis an extra day to notice and thank God for the extra things He has brought intomy life.  I could have made it throughlife without even missing them, but He put them there for me to enjoy. 

Prayer:   Lord, Iappreciate the variety of colors, the variety of food, the variety of sounds,etc. that You have placed in this world for me to enjoy.  Indeed, You are AMAZING!!!   Amen. 

Pastor Leon

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