Pratt burglaries under investigation

Gale Rose
Pry marks are visible on the back door of TM Chiropractic after a break in Tuesday night at the small business on at 1314 First Street in Pratt. The door has been barred to prevent further entry.

The Pratt Police Department is seeking help in solving a group of burglaries in Pratt on Tuesday, March 17.

Sometime late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning, a bugler or burglars, forced their way into TM Chiropractic at 1314 East First. Business owner Taylor Baird said they forced their way into the building using a pry bar at a back door. Only cash was taken.

That door was barred and prevented another attempted burglary Wednesday night. Pry bar marks were visible on one of the business windows but the attempt to get in was unsuccessful. The burglar tried another door but could not break in there either, Baird said.

Burglaries also occurred on Thursday night at Wrights Liquor, Hample Oil, Pratt Real Estate and El Dos De Oros restautrant, said Pratt Police Chief Nate Humble.

The police department is looking at the other burglary reports but have limited information.

"These burglaries are currently being investigated," Humble said.

In response to the burglaries, the police department has added extra patrols in business areas.

To help reduce the risk of burglary, installing an audible alarm is a good deterrent. Alarm companies will make stickers available to put in the windows that state the business is covered by the alarm company. This makes it less likely that a burglar will try to break into the business, Humble said.

If someone does break in, someone could hear the alarm and contact the police department. The alarm company will also contact law enforcement and that gives them a better chance of catching the suspect.

"We can respond quicker," Humble said.

Camera systems are also a great deterrent. They help provide images that are used to identify the suspect, Humble said.

The police department is seeking help in solving these crimes. Anyone with information should contact the police department at 620-672-5551 or come by the office.

UPDATE: Mid Kansas Auto Sale also hit by recent burglars in Pratt

For Joe Schaffer, owner of Mid Kansas Auto Sales, the burglars hit late March 9 or early on March 10. Cameras were in place at Mid Kansas but the burglar, or burglars, took the time to move the cameras so they could go after the cash in the safe. Again, only money was taken and the safe wasn't torn up during the burglary so they knew how to gain access, Schaffer said.

Since the burglary, Schaffer has installed a complete alarm system and is willing to pay a cash reward to find out who committed the burglary.

"The only thing to deter a thief is a good alarm system. They know how to manipulate the cameras," Schaffer said.