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March 26, 2020: SOAP #3766:   Judges 1-3; 1Corinthians 12

Scripture:  Judges (NIV) 3:7 The Israelites did evil inthe eyes of the LORD; they forgot the LORD their God and served the Baals andthe Asherahs. 8 The anger of the LORD burned against Israel so that he soldthem into the hands of Cushan-Rishathaim king of Aram Naharaim, to whom theIsraelites were subject for eight years.

Observation:  Herewe see God acting according to His character. A Holy God keeps His promises!  Hehad warned them about following the sinful ways of the people living inCanaan.  Now that they had takenpossession of the country, they even worshipped the gods of the Canaanites!   Of course, God became angry!  Of course, God kept His promise to punish Hispeople.  But notice the very next verse

Scripture:  Judges (NIV) 3:9 But when they cried out tothe LORD, he raised up for them a deliverer, Othniel son of Kenaz, Caleb'syounger brother, who saved them.

ObservationHere we see God acting according to His character.  A Loving God forgives His people whenthey repent!  He delivers them from whatthey deserved! 

Application:   It isgood for me to remember that God is both Holy and Loving.  I should not be surprised when He punishes mefor sin.  I should be quick to repentwhen I have sinned.  I should not besurprised when He forgives me.  I shouldlive a life of respect for my Holy God and of thanksgiving for my Loving God.   

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, I do not deserve your graceand mercy.  Thank you for your great kindnessto me.  Amen

Pastor Leon

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