'Always' & 'Everywhere'


April   02, 2020: SOAP #3773:   Judges 13-16; 2Corinthians 2

Scripture:  2Corinthians (NIV) 2:14 But thanks be to God,who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ and through us spreadseverywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of him.

Observation:  Twowords were brought to my attention: 'always' and 'everywhere.'  God is always leading us in a triumphal procession.  'Always' means we celebrate as we walkon the mountain tops of life, but we are also to celebrate in the valleys.  So what triumph are we celebrating?  We are celebrating Jesus triumph over Satanand death!  Wow!  That is something worth celebrating!

And 'everywhere' God leads us (in pleasant and unpleasant places), peoplebecome aware of His presence.  It is likea fragrant rose has been brought into the room and its fragrance is noticed byeveryone present.   Talking about God is so much better thancomplaining about being mistreated.  Ourwords and actions display God's presence.  

Application:   It isfor me to keep God's presence as an active part of my mind.  'At all times,' and 'in every place,' I needto include God in my thinking, my talking, and my actions.    

Prayer:   HolySpirit, I need your help to keep my thoughts centered on your presence.  Help me always and everywhere be open toopportunities to celebrate the triumph of Jesus in my life and make Him lookgood.  Amen

Pastor Leon

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