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April 10, 2020: SOAP #3781:   1Samuel 8-10; 2Corinthians 10 (Fm: 11/17/2012)

Scripture:   2Corinthians 10:17 But, “Let him whoboasts boast in the Lord.”  18 Forit is not the one who commends himself who is approved, but the one whom theLord commends.

Observation:    In the previous verses Paul gives guidelinesfor boasting.  First (verse 12), boastingshould not be done to compare one person to another"to make one person lookbetter than another.   Second (verse 13),boasting should be limited to the areas God has assigned.  Third (verse 14), boasting should be limitedto stating the truth.  Fourth (verse 15, 16),boasting should not be taking credit for what others have done.   Fifth(verse 17), boasting should be centered in the Lord.         

Application:    We all understand a young child standing on a chairby the sink 'helping' to wash the dishes. Afterwards they brag about what they did, looking for some praise.  But as I grow and mature, I do a better jobwashing the dishes and I recognize the help of others in the process.  And so, it is with my spiritual growth.  My boasting changes as I mature.  I grow to understand the big picture!  In my conversation, instead of saying, 'I didthis…' or 'I did that'  I begin to say,'God did thisthat!'  (Note; Pro 27:3)

My best boasting is when I sing, 'Look what the Lord has done!'  And the Lord likes to boast, 'Look what mychild has done!'  He is not that differentthan earthly parents!                        

Prayer:   Lord, Maymy life bring you much joy and give you reason to boast.  Amen. 

Pastor Leon

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