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April 11, 2020: SOAP #3782:   1Samuel 11-12; 1Chronicles 1; 2Corinthians 11

Scripture:  2Corinthians (NIV) 11:3 But I am afraid thatjust as Eve was deceived by the serpent's cunning, your minds may somehow beled astray from your sincere and pure devotion to Christ.

Observation:  TheApostle Paul had planted the church in Corinth; he loved the people there.  He was concerned that they remain true to thetruth of who Jesus is and what Jesus did. Their devotion to Jesus was not in question.  They loved Jesus and were committed toHim.  But their minds could be swayedfrom the truth.

Devotion is encouraged and supported by truth; it is corrupted by lies.  Lies start in the mind.  If a lie can be embraced in the mind, it willcorrupt a beautiful relationship of the heart. The fellowship that Adam and Eve enjoyed with God in the garden of Edenwas destroyed by thoughts Satan planted in Eve's mind. 

Application:   My mindhas many receptors in the world from which it gathers information.  Camouflaged lies are mixed in with all thetruth.  Some of the lies are closelyrelated to the truth.  Some lies arewrapped in bits of truth.  It is oftenhard to recognize them.  It is importantfor me to keep my mind full of God's Word.  It is important to learn how theHoly Spirit speaks to me.  He will leadme into all truth.   

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, I want to keep 'sincere andpure devotion' burning in my heart for you. Holy Spirit, protect my mind with truth. As I read and meditate on your word, build a structure of truth thatwill withstand the storms of life. Amen

Pastor Leon

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