PCC’s Perez-Miller receives administrative award

PCC Communications Office
Lisa Perez-Miller of Pratt recently received a top administrator's award from the Community Colleges Professional Association.

Pratt Community College Vice President of Students and Enrollment Management, Lisa Perez-Miller received the 2020 Community Colleges Professional Award and the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (PTK) Distinguished College Administrator Award at the national level on April 3, 2020


Perez-Miller, was awarded the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (PTK) Distinguished College Administrator Award. The Distinguished College Administrator Award is awarded to college vice presidents, deans, or directors serving at post-secondary institutions who have shown strong support of student success on their campus by recognizing academic achievement, leadership and service among high-achieving students.

Perez-Miller was nominated for the award by PCC PTK students and organization sponsor, Dr. Trisha Jackson, physical science instructor.

“Wow, how special to be nominated by the Pratt CC Phi Theta Kappa students and Dr. Jackson, I am very, very touched by their thoughtfulness and recognition,” said Perez-Miller. “It truly is an honor to be selected and awarded the Distinguished College Administrator Award by the PTK Honor Society which I have such great respect for.”

To be nominated for this award, nominees should have served in their position for at least three years and should have demonstrated during their tenure a strong level of support for the society. This honor is presented to up to 25 college administrators nationally each year.

“I am so proud of the Pratt CC PTK students and the leadership they provide throughout campus,” said Perez-Miller. “Under Dr. Jackson’s leadership, the organization provides excellent opportunities for our students to engage in academic success, service and leadership at the local, regional and national levels through the PTK Honor Society.”

The PTK Distinguished College Administrator Award in-person convention and awards ceremony previously scheduled for April 1-4 in Texas was canceled and instead a live broadcast was utilitzed to honor the recipients.

Perez-Miller was also awarded the National Association for Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) Community Colleges Division (CCD) Community Colleges Professional Award, which was awarded on March 30 in Austin, Texas at NASPA.’s annual meeting. NASPA’s Region IV-West honored Perez-Miller in fall of 2019 after nomination by PCC’s SEM team.

Perez-Miller was then selected as the 2020 Community Colleges Professional Award recipient.

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