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April 2, 2020: SOAP #3796:   1Samuel 30,31; 1Chronicles 10; Matthew 12

Scripture:  Matthew (NIV) 12:1 At that time Jesus wentthrough the cornfields on the Sabbath. His disciples were hungry and began topick some ears of corn and eat them. 2 When the Pharisees saw this, they saidto him, “Look! Your disciples are doing what is unlawful on theSabbath.” 3 He answered

Observation:  Whenthey were just fishermen, probably nobody cared that they picked corn on a Sabbathday.  If someone did notice and wasbothered enough to make a comment, it would probably be countered with, 'Oh,they are just fishermen!' 

But they are now known as followers of Jesus! The complainers were not trying to make them look bad, they were usingthem to make Jesus look bad. 

But in Jesus, they had the expert defense attorney!  Jesus had even defended a woman that wascaught in the act of adultery! 

Application:   Beingknown as a Christian causes my life to be on a pedestal.  There are people who enjoy finding somethingI have done wrong.  At times it givesthem a defense for their own deeds.  Forsure the devil likes to find something Leon is doing so he can point it out toGod.  'Did you just see what Your childdid?  I heard Leon say that you wereliving in him!' 

Knowing that the devil likes to accuse me before God, makes me want to be quickto repent.  When the devil brings it upto God, I want God to be able to say, 'Leon was just here.  I have already forgotten what was discussed,but if you check his heart again, you will find a fresh application of theblood of Jesus.'       

Prayer:   Thankyou, Lord, for your faithfulness to forgive me when I repent.  Your graciousness is undeserved by me, but soappreciated!  May my thankfulness beeasily seen by others.  And may peoplewho watch me, discover that pleasing you is my greatest goal. Amen

Pastor Leon

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