Keys to God's Favor


May 04, 2020: SOAP #3805:   2Samuel 8,9; 1Chronicles 18,19; Matthew 21

Scripture:  1Chronicles (NIV) 18:6 He [David] putgarrisons in the Aramean kingdom of Damascus, and the Arameans became subjectto him and brought tribute. The LORD gave David victory everywhere he went. ,,,

13 He [David] put garrisons in Edom, and all the Edomites became subject toDavid. The LORD gave David victory everywhere he went.

14 David reigned over all Israel, doing what was just and right for all hispeople.

Observation:  The keyto David's victory was the LORD.  KingDavid was ruling under the favor of God. 

The first key to the LORD's favor was that David was in the center of God'swill.  David did not become king by anyselfish ambition.  Samuel had anointed Davidto be king, and war with the Philistines brought about the death of KingSaul.  David was clearly king at the willof God. 

The second key to the LORD's favor was that David treated God's people withrespect.  He did 'what was just and right'for those God had placed under David's authority.  David did not rule for his own benefit, butfor the benefit of the people. 

Application:   If Iwant God's favor, I must allow Him to place me where HE wants me.  And if I want God's favor, I must fulfill myresponsibilities carefully and honorably. I am not serving myself, but God and those around me.    

Prayer:  Lord, it is my pleasure to serve you.  It gives me joy in knowing that my servicebenefits you and makes you smile.  It isthen I know I am walking in your favor.   Amen

Pastor Leon

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