KBI investigating Kiowa County sheriff incident

Our Staff

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation has been called in to investigate a case involving Kiowa County Sheriff Chris Tedder.

Tedder was involved in an incident that took place in the city limits of Greensburg on Sunday, May 10. The incident happened around 2:09 a.m. and involved Sheriff Tedder and an unspecified number of individuals, according to a press release from Greensburg City Police Chief Aaron Webb.

Webb said the Greensburg Police Department, along with the Kansas Highway Patrol responded to the call. No further details about what actually happened during the incident have been released.

The two law enforcement groups conducted a preliminary investigation. Through this investigation, it was found that there was probable cause to believe there had been a crime committed. Because of the involvement of an elected official (Sheriff Chris Tedder), and the nature of the closeness between the Greensburg Police Department and the Kiowa County Sheriff’s Office, the KBI was called to assist with the investigation.

The investigation is ongoing, but no arrests have been made. Webb said new information would be released in the coming weeks as the investigation unfolds.