Skyline BOE approves new fall schedule for Thunderbirds

Gale Rose

It is still uncertain what K-12 schooling will look like in the fall but Skyline students will have a new class schedule to deal with even if everything is back to normal.

All classes will meet on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. But the Tuesday and Thursday schedule is different, said Skyline Superintendent Becca Flowers at the May 11 Board of Education meeting.

On Tuesday, all the odd-numbered classes (first, third, fifth hours) will meet for a double class time of 108 minutes. On Thursday, all the even numbered classes (second, fourth, sixth hours) will also meet for double class time of 108 minutes.

There are many resources available in the Pratt community and these extended classes will give students an opportunity to explore those resources such as field trips and guest speakers, Flowers said.

Skyline has tried several schedules through the years and this one should bring a lot of structure plus allow for some real world application.

As Skyline winds up the school year, the staff is preparing for some very special visitors.

An outside validation team is scheduled to be on campus at 8:30 a.m. on June 8. Teachers are preparing for the teams data review. The team reviews the schools accreditation progress over the past five years to keep the school on track. They make suggestions on how to improve progress.

The outside validation team is made up of administrators from other schools, Flowers said.

Grade School Principal Diane House said Academics for Kids was doing well and 90 percent of the students were engaged. Students are enjoying the activities and have taken part in a virtual talent show and done crafts.

Elementary teachers are doing one-on-one conferences and giving families recommendations because what goes on in school can’t be replicated in the last two days of school.

There will be an end of year celebration for all grade levels. Groups will be limited to groups of 30 or less as long as the governors plan is in place. Cookies will be available for all students.

Summer school will take place two days a week with from 35 to 40 students. House said they had planed on that being less and some of those students are by parent request.

High School Principal Herb McPherson said students are coming in morning and afternoon and are getting a lot of work done.

Drivers Education will depend on what social distancing guidelines are in place. Students have to have classroom work to pass the drivers test as well as a certain number of hours of driving with an instructor.

Graduation is planned for 2 p.m. on July 11 in the gym. People will have to be flexible as to how many will get to attend.

Prom is tentatively set for June 27 in Merchant Park with after prom in the Barron Theatre.

Several facilities projects have taken place early because students are not at school. New bleachers have been installed on the east side of the gym. The bleachers are controlled electrically requiring just one person to operate the controls.

Some new equipment will be added to the kitchen. A hot food buffet will allow students to choose between two hot entrees every day plus a salad bar. A new six burner stove will also be added to the kitchen equipment.

The second half of the exterior brick sealing project was completed. A well pump failed and had to be replaced.

The board approved $65,000 for the purchase of a new 30 passenger bus. Depending on trends at the end of the year, funds could come from general or capital outlay. Transportation funds from the state are on a spend it or lose it basis so the money has to be spent.

In faculty changes, the board approved the resignation of Kenny Eddy as head boys basketball coach, assistant football and assistant track coach. He retains his teaching position.