Zeal without Knowledge


June 01, 2020: SOAP #3833:   Proverbs 19-21; Romans 13

Scripture:  Proverbs (NIV) 19:2 It is not good to have zeal without knowledge, nor to be hasty and miss the way.

Observation:  Here is a verse of wisdom from the wisdom book.  Probably all of us have an example we could give of someone excitedly running off to accomplish something without some necessary piece of knowledge or information.  Their willingness and enthusiasm were commendable, but the job did not get finished, or was finished in the wrong place, or at the wrong time  Their heart was right, but their head lacked enough information to complete the job properly.    

Application:   For the last few nights in some of the great cities of our nation (USA), we see the streets full of people with great zeal.  Since they do not have knowledge of how to best express their concern, they take suggestions and follow the example of those from out of town who want to cause chaos and destroy things.   The rightful concern which motivated many of them to the street is becoming lost in the reporting of the looting and destruction. 

When things calm down, many friends of those rioting in the streets will have lost businesses that once served those neighborhoods, perhaps even providing jobs for some of the rioters. 

(I believe the Holy Spirit is prompting me to mention two areas for some SOAP readers to be careful.  Employment and marriage.  Do not let your heart lead you without knowledge.  For sure we enter those areas by faith, but when the Holy Spirit withholds the excited anticipation and puts a heaviness in your heart, be careful to check further.)

Prayer:  Holy Spirit, so desperately we need you.  Our knowledge is so limited; and yours so unlimited.  Today, we set our ears to listen and our hearts to follow.   Amen

Pastor Leon

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