Kiowa County Care & Share reopens Friday in Greensburg

Hannah Brown
The Kiowa County Care & Share has been close for three months. During that time new carpet was installed and the walls were painted. The volunteers are eager to open up and get back to serving the community on Friday, June 5.

The Kiowa County Care & Share store, closed since March 6 because of COVID-19 restrictions and for renovation projects including new carpet, new paint, and a new layout, will open again this Friday, June 5.

The store’s board of directors, comprised of Jackie Robertson, Roberta Seiler, Harry Koehn, Jo Ross, Jeanie Finch, Deb Factor, and Carolyn Morton, saved money for three years to replace the carpet that was showing wear from years of use.

One concern about reopening the store has to do with volunteers.

“We have about 35 volunteers and of those 35, 33 of us are over the age of 65,” said Board President Jo Ross. “Our main concern was if our volunteers would feel comfortable going back after Covid-19.”

Board members have been working diligently to create a plan that would make shopping safe for customers and volunteers. When the store reopens on June 5, those inside will be limited to 10 customers at a time. No children under the age of 12 will be permitted.

Customers will be required to wear a mask, and all workers will have masks on as well. Hand sanitizer will be available upon entering the store and at the checkout counter.

During the checkout process, patrons will hold up the price tag of their item to the plastic sneeze guard, so an employee can see the price. This way, no germs are spread while items are passed back and forth while checking out.

Even though Care & Share wasn’t accepting donations, people in the community have given monetary donations, which Ross said has been a huge blessing.

Care & Share will open for the first time in nearly three months on June 5 from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday’s hours are 10 a.m.-2.p.m.

The donations bins are back out in the alley and the volunteers are currently taking donations to be put into the store.

Volunteers are always welcome. To sign up to be a volunteer, call or go into the store when it’s open.