Candidates set for August primary

Gale Rose
Gannett Reporter
Deadlines to file for coming August primary elections have passed and vote-from-home ballots are in the mail. The elections of 2020 may look different than those of the past, picture circa 2015, but those who vote still have a choice in making their selections. [

Candidates for the August Primary are set in Stafford County. Candidates and offices are:

County Commissioner Dist. 2: Dallas Woolf, Stafford-Republican; Todd Wycoff, Seward-Republican.

County Commissioner Dist. 3: Tyler Axman, St. John-Republican; Bryce Garner, St. John-Republican; Doris Tompkins, St. John-Republican.

County Clerk: Nita Keenan, St. John-Republican.

County Treasurer: Mary Gatton, Stafford-Republican.

County Attorney: Michael Robinson, Hutchinson-Republican.

Register of deeds: Lu Ann Brister: Stafford-Republican.

Sheriff: Robert “Rob” Murrow, Macksville-Republican; Aaron Rudy, St. John-Republican.

• Township Trustees and Treasurers:

Township Albano: Trustee Craig Fisher, St. John- Republican; Treasurer Donita Fisher, St. John-Republican.

Township Byron: Trustee Virgil Salem, Ellinwood-Republican; Treasurer Dennis Siefkes, Hudson-Democrat.

Township Clear Creek: Trustee Michael Lamb, Macksville-Republican; Treasurer Allen Bevan, Macksville-Republican.

Township Cleveland: Trustee Wade Sanders, St. John-Republican; Treasurer no filing.

Township East Cooper: Trustee Joshua Austin, Stafford-Republican; Treasurer Gary Hornbaker, Stafford-Republican.

Township West Cooper: Trustee David Rewerts, St. John-Republican; Treasurer no filing.

Township Douglas: Trustee Andra Bartlett, St. John- Republican; Treasurer Mitch Minnis, St. John-Republican.

Township Fairview: Trustee no filing; Treasurer Joel Carpenter, Stafford-Republican.

Township Farmington: Trustee no filing; Treasurer Glenn Newdigger, Macksville-Republican.

Township Hayes: Trustee Ryan Witt, Hudson-Republican; Treasurer Tyler Alpers, St. John-Republican.

Township Lincoln: Trustee Eddie Devine, St. John-Republican; Treasurer Gregory Bayer, Pawnee Rock-Republican.

Township Ohio: Trustee Kurt Keesling, St. John-Republican; Treasurer Kim Ellis, St. John-Republican.

Township Putnam: Trustee no filing; Treasurer no filing.

Township Richland: Trustee no filing; Treasurer no filing.

Township Rose Valley: Trustee Jason Crockett, St. John- Republican, Steven Petty, St. John-Republican; Treasurer no filing.

Township North Seward: Trustee Matt Fisher, Seward-Republican; Treasurer no filing.

Township South Seward: Trustee no filing; Treasurer Gerald Rutti, St. John-Republican.

Township Stafford: Trustee John Burdg, Stafford-Republican, Trustee Marc Newell, Stafford-Republican; Treasurer Matthew Hildebrand, Stafford-Republican.

Township St. John: Trustee Roger Dick, St. John- Republican; Treasurer Bernard Spare, St. John-Republican.

Township Union: Trustee Brad Johnson, Stafford-Republican; Treasurer Mary Hildebrand, Stafford-Republican.

Township York: Trustee Bennie Hayes, Turon-Republican; Treasurer Grover Rundell, Stafford-Republican.

• Precinct Committeemen and Committeewomen-Republican. No Democrats filed.

Albano Committeeman: Craig Fisher, St. John-Republican.

Albano Committeewoman: Donita Fisher, St.John-Republican.

Byron Committeeman: No filing.

Byron Committeewoman: Sarah Salem, Ellinwood-Republican.

Clear Creek Committeeman: Kent Lamb, Macksville-Republican.

Clear Creek Committeewoman: Connie Lamb, Macksville-Republican.

Cleveland Committeeman: Joe Cornwall, St. John-Republican.

Cleveland Committeewoman: Joyce Miller, St. John-Republican.

East Cooper Committeeman: Vance Wendelburg, Stafford-Republican.

East Cooper Committeewoman: Tiana Wendelburg, Stafford-Republican.

West Cooper Committeeman: Jeffery Meyer, Stafford-Republican.

West Cooper Committeewoman: Nancee Meyer, Stafford-Republican.

Douglas Committeeman: Lonnie Staub, St. John-Republican.

Douglas Committeewoman: Diane Staub, St. John-Republican.

Fairview Committeeman: Alan Hildebrand, Stafford-Republican.

Fairview Committeewoman: No filing.

Farmington Committeeman: Jeff Parr, Macksville-Republican.

Farmington Committeewoman: Shari Parr, Macksville-Republican.

Hayes Committeeman: Reuel Foote, Hudson-Republican.

Hayes Committeewoman: Janell Foote, Hudson-Republican.

Lincoln Committeeman: Gregory Bayer, Pawnee Rock-Republican.

Lincoln Committeewoman: No filing.

Ohio Committeeman: Marylyn Spare, St. John-Republican.

Ohio Committeewoman: Elizabeth Keesling, St. John-Republican.

Putnam Committeeman: No filing.

Putnam Committeewoman: Mary Gatton, Stafford-Republican.

Richland Committeeman: No filing.

Richland Committeewoman: No filing.

Rose Valley Committeeman: Brian Wendland, St. John-Republican.

Rose Valley Committeewoman: Kathleen Wendland, St. John-Republican.

North Seward Committeeman: John Andress, Great Bend-Republican.

North Seward Committeewoman: Rita Andress, Great Bend-Republican.

South Seward Committeeman: Jerry Long, St. John-Republican.

South Seward Committeewoman: Carol Ann Long, St. John-Republican.

North Stafford Committeeman: Carl Hildebrand, Stafford-Republican.

North Stafford Committeewoman: Jeanette Hildebrand, Stafford-Republican.

South Stafford Committeeman: Joe Fritzemeyer, Stafford-John-Republican.

South Stafford Committeewoman: Norma Jean Fritzemeyer, Stafford-Republican.

East St. John Committeeman: Kim Hullman, St. John-Republican.

East St. John Committeewoman: Sara Fisher, St. John-Republican.

West St. John Committeeman: Kurt Fairchild, St. John-Republican.

West St. John Committeewoman: RoAnn Fairchild, St. John-Republican.

South St. John Committeeman: Doug Keenan, St. John-Republican.

South St. John Committeewoman: Nita Keenan, St. John-Republican.

Union Committeeman: Norman Hildebrand, Stafford-Republican.

Union Committeewoman: Mary Hildebrand, Stafford-Republican.

York Committeeman: Grover Rundell, Stafford-Republican.

York Committeewoman: No filing.