Candidates set for August primary

Gale Rose
Gannett Reporter
Deadlines to file for coming August primary elections have passed and vote-from-home ballots are in the mail. The elections of 2020 may look different than those of the past, picture circa 2015, but those who vote still have a choice in making their selections. [

Candidates for the August Primary are set in Pratt County. Candidates and offices are:

County Commission District No. 2: Dwight Adams, Pratt-Republican.

County Commission District No 3. Joe Reynolds, Pratt-Republican; Darrell Shumway, Pratt-Republican; Rick Shriver, Coats-Republican.

County Clerk: Lori Voss, Pratt-Republican; Holly Howell, Pratt-Republican.

County Treasurer: Amy Jones, Pratt-Republican.

Register of Deeds: Sherry Wenrich, Pratt-Democrat.

County Attorney: Tracey Beverlin, Pratt-Republican.

Sheriff: Jimmy White, Pratt-Republican.

Township 6: Trustee-no filing, Treasurer-no filing.

Township 7: Trustee-no filing, Treasurer-no filing.

Township 8: Trustee-no filing, Treasurer-no filing.

Township 9: Trustee-no filing, Treasurer-no filing.

Township 10: Trustee-no filing, Treasurer-no filing.

Township 11: Trustee-no filing, Treasurer-no filing.

Township 12: Trustee Richard Sanders, Pratt-Republican; Treasurer Jill Hodgkinson, Pratt-Republican.

Precinct Committeeman/Committeewoman

Ward 1: Al Abbott, Pratt-Republican; Cathy Wagnon-Abbott, Pratt-Republican.

Ward 2: Daryl Trimpe, Pratt-Republican; Lori Voss, Pratt-Republican.

Ward 3: Leo Hergenreder, Pratt-Republican; Cathy Hergenreder, Pratt-Republican.

Ward 4: Dan Petz, Pratt-Republican; Tracy Petz, Pratt-Republican.

Ward 5: Mark McManaman, Pratt-Republican; Staci Snider, Pratt-Republican.

Township 6: Linda Hoeme, Preston-Republican; Kermit Brown, Preston-Democrat.

Township 7: Robert Hall, Iuka-Republican; Marjorie Buck, Iuka-Republican.

Township 8: Terry Smith, Macksville-Republican; Nancy Smith, Macksville-Republican.

Township 9: Dwight Adams, Pratt-Republican; Rachel Graff, Pratt-Republican; Ryan Lunt, Pratt-Democrat; Martha Wade, Pratt-Democrat.

Township 10: Daniel Ailstock, Coats-Republican; Tiffany Ailstock, Coats-Republican.

Township 11: Joe Strohl, Sawyer-Republican; Ellen Mohler, Sawyer-Republican.

Township 12: Darren Hodgkinson, Pratt-Republican; Jill Hodgkinson, Pratt-Republican.

Pratt City Commissioner: Jason Leslie, Jeanette Siemens, Kyle Farmer.