Night games enhanced by new lights at Lemon Park diamonds

Gale Rose/Gannett
Pratt Electric Department apprentice operator Brody Cronister (left) helps crew chief Tyler Markus attach a new light to a 50 foot pole for Angood Field in Lemon Park. The lights are 1,500 watts each.

The City of Pratt Light Department recently completed installation of new lights at Angood Field and now night games are possible at the Lemon Park diamonds. Six new metal poles, some with fire lights, some with four, were installed around the field. The poles are 50 feet tall and are set seven feet in the ground, said Tyler Markus, crew chief.

The lights, 1,500 watts each, were installed horizontally. City crews will use a bucket truck to focus the lights. 

Electricity for the lights will come from underground lines, Markus said. 

The old poles, lights and electric lines will all be removed to give the field a cleaner look.

The softball light poles are not as tall as the baseball field lights on the north side of the parking lot but will provide plenty of light. 

The lights are up against the fence except for two that are behind the dugouts. When they were digging the holes for the lights, there was a lot of moisture in the soil. When the drill bit was pulled out of the ground, water was running off the auger. When the poles were set, pressurized air was used to clear out water and at the bottom of the hole. A pressurized air rod with an opening in the bottom was placed in the hole to blow out water and dirt. That allowed the pole to seat itself in the hole. 

Crews used air powered tools to compress dirt and rock around the pole. 

Because the ground was wet from recent rains, crews had to wait a few days to install a pole that required them to get on the grass, Markus said. 

The new lights will give Pratt Community College new options for playing games. The City and PCC have an agreement that allows PCC to hold their softball games at Angood Field. With the new lights, night games are now a possibility.