Fire breaks out Thursday evening at Pratt Glass Enterprises in Pratt

Gale Rose
Pratt Tribune
Pratt Fire Chief David Kramer uses his radio to check on the firefighters progress in Pratt Glass during a fire July 16. Another firefighter stands ready to feed in more line if needed.

Pratt Glass suffered heavy smoke and water damage from an evening fire on July 16. 

The fire, that started above a ceiling light fixture in the garage area, quickly filled the entire building with thick, dark smoke. A service vehicle parked directly below the light fixture did not burn so it was not the source of the fire, said Pratt Fire Chief David Kramer.

Firefighters had equipment on site immediately because the fire station is just across the street at Second and Jackson. Pratt Fire Captain Todd Hoffman happened to be driving by, saw the smoke and called in the fire at 8:32 p.m. 

Firefighters had to push through thick smoke everywhere in the building to get to the source of the fire. 

The fire went up into the attic space and didn't burn much of the building but there was extensive smoke and water damage throughout the structure. 

Kramer said he was concerned about the bow string roof on the building if his firefighters had to get on top of the building. That type of roof has caused several firefighter deaths across the country. 

Firefighters were on site for two hours as they used several fans to clear out the smoke and check the structure for hot spots. 

No one was in the business when the fire broke out. No one was injured in the fire. Pratt County EMS was on site and checked firefighters health as they fought the fire. 

Pratt City Police and Pratt County Sheriff's Office officers provided traffic control.