Matulka wins county fair dog show

Kahrie Stegman
Pratt Tribune
Megan Matulka and her dog compete in obedience at the 2020 Pratt County Fair 4-H dog show on Friday, July 17 in Pratt. Fair events are not open to the public this year.

On Friday, July 17, two 4-Hers followed up the hand pet show with the dog show, where they showed off the training they had done with their dogs. 

Megan Matulka and Tyler Dorman were the only two participants this year. More 4-H members were in the dog project but they were unable to practice with their dogs before the fair because of COVID-19. 

Matulka and Dorman were two who had participated in the dog show for a few years, so they felt comfortable showing their dogs without practice.

Matulka won Grand Champion in Rally Obedience. 

Kids in the dog project who weren’t comfortable with presenting their dog for the dog show were able to present their dog for the hand pet show instead. One 4-Her, Bryleigh Fox, took advantage of that opportunity.